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Next Retreat Dates:
Friday, March 4 - Sunday, March 6, 2011

Follow these steps to complete your registration for the Spring 2011 MDK Retreat:

Step One:
  Read all Legal & Liability forms (available on Registration page as a .pdf download)

Step Two: Complete and submit the online form

Step Three:  You will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully submitted your application.

Step Four:  An email invitation will be sent to you along with an electronic invoice for payment.  Once payment is made your registration is complete.

To learn more about MDK for you and your son, or for a boy your are mentoring, send us an email using the contact form on the Registration page, or call today: 727.242.2792

"MDK" Retreats

In the year 2000 a church leader shared a book with one of his Pastors.  The book was authored by Robert Lewis titled "Raising a Modern-day Knight".  It encourages a father to aspire to his God-ordained leadership role in developing his son to authentic manhood.

That Pastor inquired about MDK tools and discovered the book was a stand-alone resource at that time.  So, the immediate invitation was extended to the men of the church who had sons to gather at the Pastors home after church and discuss implementing a new ministry for fathers/sons.

The response was overwhelming.  Based on biblical principles, and building on the themes of Lewis' book, the first MDK retreat was held at Sunday Bluff in the fall of 2000.  Since that time dozens of fathers and sons have ascribed to the principles and practices for what it means for a Christian boy to grow into authentic manhood.  Twice a year MDK retreats are held at Sunday Bluff.

Resources Available:
In 2005 several resources became available and we encourage you to acquire them if you are interested in starting your own MDK style ministry.  They may be easily found at the website:

To learn more about MDK for you and your son send us an email using the contact form on the Registration page, or call today - 727.242.2792!



Wonderful meals at Sunday Bluff!          Target shooting is a great father-son experience!

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