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Christian Retreat Center
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Popular Activities & Features

The abundant outdoor experiences for team building, retreats, and spiritual development are limited only by your creativity.  Here are some of the popular activities readily available at Sunday Bluff:

Our private trails are popular for personal reflection and prayer-walks.  There are numerous beautiful trails within Ocala National Forest (ONF) as well.  It is common to come across deer, wild turkey, the occasional fox; and yes there are several bears out there as well!

Several man-made ponds are available for the beginner, but the river beckons all - some tasty trout await the dinner table, or just for sport.

Target Shooting (Archery/Gun)
Target shooting is available on our dedicated target range for both archery and guns.  See the downloadable rules and guidelines sheet for additional details.

Paintball Field
A special area is set up for paintball and accomodates a wide array of paintball games.  See the downloadable rules and guidelines sheet for additional details.

Canoeing & Kayaking
We have an array of canoes and kayaks available for an easy float down the river - and learn to safely observe the wildlife, including the alligators along the way.

Bring your telescope - the night sky is absolutely remarkable! 

TeamBuilding and Group Initiatives
If you want your church staff to develop their teamwork, communicate better, or even explore potential dysfunctions - then tap into our Initiatives and other outdoor experiences! 

Outdoor Grilling in "Buzzards Breath" smokehouse
There's nothing quite like a steak grilled over the open fire.  This fully screened-in cooking area has served up many a main course that you'll enjoy tasting!

Trail Biking and ATV use
Bring your mountain bikes and enjoy the 50 acres of private Sunday Bluff trails, or even the thousands of miles of trails in Ocala National Forest. Due to liability concerns we do not provide ATV's on-site but you may elect to either bring your own or rent from a local facility.  Note:  National Forest laws in Ocala were upgraded in 2008 including such regulations for registration tags and safety courses for minors.  Be sure to check ahead with ONF for the latest rules and regulations.


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